The glost or glaze firing

The pots are now ready for their ‘glost firing’ where it is essential that the kiln reaches the specific, high temperatures that are required for the glazes to liquify and meld permanently onto the clay’s surface. If the temperature is too high, the colours will fade and the glaze could run off exposing the clay, and if it is too low, it will not adhere well to the pot and might later crackle.

To achieve even firings the stacking of the kiln must be done with utmost care. The density must be distributed carefully, allowing the heat to percolate around each of the pieces evenly, preventing cool or hot spots, aiming for an even firing overall. No easy task when dealing with the bewildering breadth of shapes of pots, tiles and plaques made at Porches Pottery. It takes a lot of experience, spatial awareness and a keen attention to detail.

Sonia Vieira unloading a kiln