The Rambling Rose Design

The Rambling Rose design is one of our most iconic and recognisable designs. It has been in use continuously at the pottery for more than half a century and now decorates the homes of many, many families around the world.

A dinner service in Rambling Rose.

It is characterised by its generous open rose flowers and flowing, meandering stems. You will find this popular design adorning lots of our pots in a wide variety of colourways. 

Like all of our designs, it draws from the flora of the region. The Rosa Brava (direct translation: Wild Rose), which this takes its inspiration from, is a familiar sight on the river banks of the Algarve. It can be found at places like Fonte Benemola in Loulé.

A wild rose.

It is a deceptively difficult design to paint, as it requires a lot of dexterity and intuition to make each flower feel full and round. Undoubtedly, Manuela Gonçalves is the true master of this design, though many others use it too. It has a robust and rustic charm, and is full and vibrant in a way that really fills the surface of the pieces onto which it is painted.

Portrait of Manuela Gonçalves

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