About Tile & Azulejo Murals

We create beautiful, traditional hand painted tile panels one-by-one, on a commission basis. Every project is unique. Essentially, this means that we don't have a stock ready-to-go tiles, we work a little bit differently. We take each client on an individual basis and work with you to hand paint something really special that is perfect for you.

Hand painting of tiles

Decorative tiles are just as functional

The practicality of tiles is widely known; they are robust, they are clean, they are extremely reliable. What is perhaps less well understood is the added elegance, charm and interest that a hand painted decoration brings to a home. But, when you experience it, it is really unmistakable.

A bench with a Porches Pottery back

Something for every setting

We paint tiles for every setting in the home: from the kitchen to the garden, the bathroom to the swimming pool. The possibilities are endless; but we do lots of backsplashes, table tops, fireplaces, staircases, bench backs, and purely decorative murals.

A kitchen backsplash with Porches Pottery tiles

All in collaboration with you

We have collaborated happily with homeowners, designers and architects from all over the world to paint the perfect tiled panels for both public and private spaces. We have created 'azulejo' murals for both large scale projects like hotels, restaurants and retail spaces, and most often for small, domestic projects.

A tile mural with swimming fish

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