Our Special Pieces Collection

Special Pieces are unique pots and tiles that we hand pick for our online shop. They are pieces that call out to us, are usually a bit different, and we think a bit special!

A fruit bowl with bird design

A bewildering array

At Porches Pottery we create a broad array of entirely handmade pots every week. As we paint everything by hand and as we don’t use sponges or stencils or other tricks of the trade, we are free to mix, merge and invent new variations on our classic themes and designs. 

A customer browsing the shelves

Variations on a theme

This might be a subtle change, like mixing two designs together or playing with the scale or the designs, or it could be more dramatic like an entirely new motif, colourway or design. Often these ideas are too daring or complex to really become a mainstay theme, but this permission to experiment and explore is a part of what makes our work fun and interesting.

A three fish dish

An attempt to capture the magic

For years people told us that they would like to experience some of this variety in our online shop. We racked our brains and came up with our ‘Special Pieces’ selection. In this section of the website, we intermittently select some items we think are a bit special and we pop them up on this dedicated page. 

Juliet Swift holding a large dish

If something comes out of the kiln and it’s obvious to us that a piece or two are really remarkable, we put them to one side and when we get a chance we upload them to the ‘Special Pieces’. This way you can experience the joy of discovering something unique, that you get  from visiting us in person, but online.

A kiln being unloaded

Never the same thing twice

Though we may revisit the idea again, and we are happy to make items on commission, the pots and tiles you see in our ‘Special Pieces’ are truly one of a kind, and that’s what you will be receiving directly to your home!



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