The Lily Flower Design

The Lily Flower design is a classic Porches Pottery design, that is characterised by trumpet shaped flowers on naturally flowing stems. It is both elegant and delicate in character, lending itself wonderfully to a light, romantic table setting.

A true classic

The Lily Flower design is a recognisably classic Porches Pottery design. It has been a mainstay decoration at the pottery for many, many decades. 

A versatile design

This pattern is distinguished by elegant trumpet shaped flowers in two colour tones at the end of curling stems. Variations of this design are to be found throughout the history of the pottery, some with decorative dots suggesting the flower’s stamen, and others with more petals.  

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?

This pattern likely draws its inspiration from the Iris xiphium, known colloquially as the ‘maios-roxos’ (directly translated: ‘Purple Mays’).  These flowers are to be found on clay banks and hillsides around the pottery in Porches. The pale, bluish-purple flowers of the plant are closely imitated by the pieces on our web shop that feature pretty, delicate flowers in tones of sea blue, complemented by fresh green leaves. The keen reader might find it strange that we call this plant from the iris family a lily, but our English language name for the design arises from our customer’s popular use, the stylised flower can easily be seen and understood as a lily. 

Wild lillies in a field

Go with the flow

The pattern is a pleasure to paint as it has a very natural flow. From the stems to the leaves and flowers, there is a directionality that allows for a quick and vibrant brush stroke. 

An effortless touch

The specialists in this particular design are Carmo dos Santos and Estella Swift Goldmann, both painters are famous for their light and effortless touch with the brush. The Lily Flower design, with its inherent flowing properties lend itself perfectly to those with a delicate brush stroke. 

Portrait of Maria do Carmo Santos

We think that the Lily Flower pattern is especially suited to an elegant, romantic table setting. It will provide a soft contrast with a bright, modern home; and of course it will be very special in a more traditionally styled interior. 


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