The Primavera Design

The Primavera pattern captures the vitality of Spring. It is exuberant and uplifting, especially in the multicoloured version with its joyous array of bright, primary colours. 

A dinner service in the Primavera design

A springtime favourite

Amongst the original and early designs of the pottery, Primavera is best described as our most exuberant pattern. Primavera, meaning ‘springtime’ in Portuguese, captures the joyfulness and playfulness that can be felt all around come winter’s end.

The design is easily identified by its gleeful flowers that burst outwards from a flurry of fresh leaves and fill the entire surface of the piece. In this way, it is reminiscent of the wild banks of flowers, seen up and down the Algarve coast in the spring.

A natural abundance

This rhythmic pattern is built steadily outwards from the center gradually overwhelming the surface of the pot being painted, just as the wild flowers it mimics engulf the coastal valleys in springtime. The true experts in this design are Sónia Vieira and Maria José Fernandes, who understand the cadence and flow of the design better than any other.

Portrait of Maria José Fernandes

Easy going and carefree

The multicoloured variation of this design that features prominently on our webshop, offers a riot of colours and exuberant flowers. This colourway is very uplifting and cheerful, it is fantastic for those who like bright, bold colours. In a modern home with strong accent colours, this will really pop. Alongside fresh lemonades and fruit salads, this colourway is a popular choice for fun, al fresco parties in the spring and summer.

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