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Porches Pottery

Greetings Card

Greetings Card

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Share your love for the wonderful world of Porches Pottery far and wide with our unique, new greetings cards.

At Porches Pottery, over the decades we have made a truly breathtaking variety of unique decorative wall plates (or wall chargers, as they are sometimes called). The true number must now run into the thousands. Many, perhaps the majority, of these extraordinary pieces would have been completely unique, hand-painted works of art. For most of our history, these pieces would hang in our shop (some only for a matter of minutes) before being snapped up and brought to their new homes.

We felt that it would be exciting to share some of these pieces more widely, so we created this collection of greetings cards depicting a selection our decorative wall plates on them. Some of the plates date back to our origins in the mid-20th century and other designs are contemporary to the present moment. Every piece has been captured in a high-quality, beautifully lit studio photograph and is reproduced on heavy weight card, and comes with an accompanying envelope. On the back of every card you will find the name of the artist that painted the plate, the date of the plates production and, if it has one, the work's title. Alongside this, our emblem and a short description of our pottery. The inside of the cards has been left blank, we thought it better to let you to say it in your own words!

Key features

- Unique designs from Porches Pottery
- We have left the inside of the cards blank
- Simply add your own message and send
- High-quality studio photographs
- Heavy weight paper stock
- Matching envelope
- Artist and Pottery's info on the reverse


- Height: 15cm
- Width: 15cm

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